Expository Essay

Expository is a synonym for information. The first four letters of the word expository are also required to write the word expose. The first five letters of the word information are informing. So now you can get a rough idea of what an expository essay is.

Expository and Personal Essays | Cineaid.orgExpository essays are developed under the strictest of guidelines in order to ensure the clarity and accuracy of the information provided or exposed. The point to remember is that an expository essay has to communicate with complete and clear precision with the reader.

It is of the utmost importance that you calculate the measure of knowledge ability of your readers while developing an expository essay. You must assess the level of familiarity the readers have with the topic discussed in your expository essay. Now you must fully introduce or inform the readers but exclude any general level information that your readers will already know.

Your readers must be able to completely comprehend the situation or occurrence that you communicate through your expository essay. Even though an expository essay is more distinct then the remaining formats however certain techniques used in other essay forms can be applied in expository essays. Your aim is to make sure that your readers coherently understand what you have written in your expository essay. So feel free to use compare/contrast, cause /effect, divide or categories formats in your expository essay. Use examples as statistics or definitions to achieve your objective of making sure readers understand your work. Your expository essay needs to define well a narrow topic.

Personal Essay

Writing a personal essay can be a be a very enjoyable or therapeutic experience due to the fact that there are not many limitations as far as self-expression or indulgence of ideas are involved. So go ahead and pour your heart into your personal essay.

Now in order to develop a personal essay all you need is a personal tale to tell with a little patience and imagination. Choose one distinguishable experience to discuss in your personal essay. If your experience entails other incidents occurrence does mention them but try not to wander off course in writing your personal essay.

Try to describe or define certain characters however do not add any opinions. Although quote the individual and describe the circumstances as well as environment of the certain incident you are writing a personal essay about. This will allow for a more vivid image of the setting and what a character says can give the listener or reader a variety of ideas about that individual. By using quotes and describing the situation as clearly as possible you can allow readers to judge the character of the individual while creating an atmosphere so the reader understands the circumstances. A personal essay allows for freedom in allowing for entertainment in the writer’s expression.

In present times my experience is that individuals do not spend too much time in in-depth reading of characters and creations so try to be accurate and to the point in your personal essay. Now allow yourself to express freely with your personal touch which will make your personal essay standout or be unique.