Customized Issue Free Essay Writing Service | Cineaid.orgFor an essay to be effective, there are several factors that need to be considered before preparing to write an essay. Even if the essay is planned effectively, the students face difficulties in writing a persuasive essay that catches the attention of the instructor. Students, who are already burdened with the pile of due assignments, presentations, essays and reports, find it difficult to write a striking essay that will lead them in getting good grades or distinction in their class. Essay writing issue seems to be persistent among most students even at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. Some of the issues in writing essays are discussed below along with the identification of solutions that could be adopted by the students for avoiding these issues:

Issues in Researching Topic

When a topic is assigned to the students, they become confuse about the validity of the topic what if they do not find proper and accurate resources that describe something about the topic and could help them in getting a background of the topic.

Problem in Gathering Ideas to Include in Essay

It is important to brainstorm for the topic and come with the ideas that are relevant to the essay and seem to be incorporated in the body of the essay. However, due to lack of background information about the topic, students may face difficulties in gathering the ideas and creating an outline of the essay.

Non-Persuasive Introduction

When a student fails to prepare a clear plan and outline of the essay, the introduction of their written essay does not create a lasting impression on the reader and the whole essay would be considered as inappropriate by the reader. The introduction of the essay is supposed to be the most persuasive part of your essay and it should not be prepared hastily.

Imbalance among Paragraphs

The issue that arises while writing an essay is the poor proportion of words in paragraphs of the essay. This creates a bad impression on the reader and they might not feel good about the writer of the essay.

Unimpressive Conclusion

Sometimes, students fail to provide an impressive conclusion at the end of essay that spoils the overall impression of the essay. The conclusion is a very sensitive part of the essays that requires accurate facts and figures drawn from the essay, which must not include something that is not relevant to the essay

Poorly Cited Essay

A poorly cited essay may be charged for plagiarism, which is considered as academic dishonesty committed by the student and it may lead them to suffer from bad grades.

Inconsistency in Style

If essay style has inconsistency in it then it becomes difficult for the reader of the essay to grasp the idea of the topic described in the essay. Inconsistency is usually in grammar, spellings and structure of sentences, which should be avoided while writing an essay.